TrU-CArE, a verbatim play about HIV and PrEP

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Performed by the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts and directed by Gareth Taylor, TrU-CArE was a verbatim play for the group’s MA project. Real people were interviewed around the topic of PrEP, which the actors would then reenact sections of, capturing aspects of their character’s personality. The play is the result of stringing together many of these interviews. The loose plot …

NHIVNA Talk 23/06/17: Sex education and context-dependent memory

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Invited by the National HIV Nurses Association, Jason Domino gives a talk from his perspective from inside the sex work industry. As a guest speaker at the 19th Annual NHIVNA Conference, Jason discusses topics including: his personal history, the Porn4PrEP campaign, the impact of bareback porn on viewers, psychology and sex education, and how to yield better results. The talk ends …

Is PrEP right for you?

PrEP: Why it’s not just for porn actors like me

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This week, Jason Domino reveals more about himself for Gay Star News. The full article can be found at “Jason Domino; porn actor and sexual health campaigner; explains why he is on PrEP and why he wants NHS England to prescribe the medication to those at risk…” The article was written amid the struggle to get the NHS fully offering …