Who are

Porn4PrEP is a project by The Domino Foundation, it was established by porn actors. We offer sexual health and well-being advice for the general public by recognising porn as a learning resource tool.

What do we

We collaborate with international studios and performers to create educational adult films and spread awareness of sexual health through social media, art projects and PR.

Why act
Increasing STI rates in many large cities show a need for support in recent years. We know first hand that knowledge is better then fear, and that knowledge leads to proactive steps and regular STI screening.
How do we

Porn has the ability to reach a huge audience, some people don't know about PrEP, PEP, TasP, Vaccinations or regular Sexual Health Screening.

We are in a unique positon to raise awareness independently and without restriction. This positions us well while pushing for progress.

Featured In

BBC London News

Jason Domino spoke with BBC London about having condom-less sex with HIV-Positive men.

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Dazed Digital

Porn4PrEP was featured in a Dazed Digital article for opening dialogue on sexial health.

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The Huffington Post

Porn4PrEP wasmentioned in an article about the roll of pleasure in Sexual Relations Education.

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New Scientist

Jason Domino was quoted, saying that PrEP works well at reducing new infections.

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