Porn4PrEP attends the PHE Advisory Board

Porn4PrEP was invited to join the second community advisory board meeting by Public Health England to put together a rollout strategy for PrEP for the UK.

The government describes Public Health England (PHE) as an organisation “making the public healthier by encouraging discussions, advising government and supporting action by local government, the NHS and other people and organisations”.

During the meeting, Jason Domino represented the needs of the adult entertainment and sex work industries. Jason reflected on PHE’s proposals and contributed to discussions when there where clear clashes from the perspective of an adult performers, a demographic generally considered high-risk.

PHE plans to put together a strategy to help the NHS with the logistical complications of providing PrEP. Strategies developed to help the NHS focus on making sure PrEP is distributed effectively, while minimising PrEP being offered to low-risk cases which could have cost implications for the NHS.

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