PrEP Impact Trial to start in September

Update: The Impact trial is currently running with a commitment to 26,000 participant places in mainland England visit: to find out more.

The PrEP Impact Trial has been announced to start in September.
Back in December 2016, NHS England and Public Health England announced the PrEP Impact Trial to offer PrEP to over 10,000 people in the next 3 years. Since the initial announcement, plans have moved forward at a lacklustre pace. The trial was due to start in the early summer, although this has been pushed back to September. Jason Domino from Porn4PrEP has been a member of the Community Advisory Board: shaping plans for the Impact Trial while keeping an eye on progress.
Why has it taken so long?

Plans have been delayed for many reasons, including developing the infrastructure for making PrEP available, training medical professionals, and identifying who is eligible to have PrEP in England.

What does this mean?

With NHS England using generic versions of PrEP, Gilead, the manufacturer of Truvada, is under pressure to match the price of generics. With the trial underway, the NHS can look at taking PrEP beyond a trial and creating wider UK access. Wales, Scotland and England are making progress with PrEP, but other parts of the British Isles are likely to progress slower. One strength of having the trial in action means that results can be collected on its effectiveness against HIV, and how cost-effective it is for the NHS. The argument for PrEP on the NHS is much stronger, with figures and results to back it up.

How can I participate in the trial?

If you’d like to participate in the PrEP Impact Trial and are based in mainland England, visit your local GUM clinic from September. If you’re outside mainland England, visit PrEPWatch to see what is happening for you locally, and how to demand PrEP in your area.

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